Call of The Wild

~The Metapatriarchal Metamorphosis of tamed women into Wild Witches~

“Women, if you want to realize yourselves (for you are on the brink of a devastating psychological upheaval) all your pet illusions must be unmasked. The lies of centuries have got to be discarded. Are you prepared for the wrench?” Mina Loy (1914)

The Call of the Wild Within

The recurring invitation to bound out of the State of Bondage: the Elemental Sounds of Otherness which awaken Be-Longing, summoning women to embark upon Journeys of Exorcism and Ecstasy

I am like the she-wolf
I broke with the pack
I fled to the mountains
Growing tired of the flatlands
~Alfonsina Storni

Wicked Women, who Hear this Call of the Wild, Re-call our Primal Powers and Finally reclaim for our Selves the word Mysterious. This word makes Sense when wrenched from its patriarchal context and Heard in a Metamysterious way. It Names a necessary attribute of Otherworldly Journeyers, who choose to close our eyes to the barrage of illusions in- tended by trickers and frauds to delude us…
The Call of the Elemental Mediums is the Call of the Wild, summoning us beyond the foreground of fatherland (patriarchal tidy time)- the elementary world. It is an unremitting Howl, warning those muted and stranded in the State of Patriarchal Possession and mystified by its media to leave the land of the dead.
Of course, there are obstacles and traps set by the rulers, intended to distract and deafen each woman to the Call of her Final Cause, which is the Call of the Wild. Among the obstacles to clear Hearing is the continual white noise of the patriarchal Passive Voice—the noise/noose that keeps women passive.
The Passive Voice—
that ubiquitous patriarchal voice that subliminally spooks women, luring its victims into passivity, rendering them unable to recognize and Name the agents of oppression—calls from all sides. It is embedded in the voices of the secret agents, manipulators, possessors who attempt not only to disguise who are the agents of androcracy’s atrocities but also to pacify/passivize their victims/patients.
Yet the Call of the Wild Within—the call of the Active/Activizing Voice of the Final Cause— can be Heard by women who choose to be attentive to our own Sense of Direction, refusing to be distracted.