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The Second Coming of the Witchcraze & The Lie of Equality

Let me start by saying how important it is to not only read, but study, radical feminist literature. Mary Daly calls this “Studied Unlearning“. She teaches that “the word studied is important here, for one must know the tracks well in order to break out of them, without sliding back into them. To be truly truant requires study/training and untiring untraining. Such study requires Stamina, staying power, which is also Straying Power- ability to Stray off the tracks of traditions that betray women and nature.”

Will there be a second Witchcraze? If so, what form will it take?

There is, of course, a perpetual Witchcraze in patriarchy. . .

(e.g. gynecology and psychotherapy are genocidal weapons of patriarchy, as well as Marian Dogmas and the Witchcraze in Western Europe fostered and fueled by the rising professional power block) Mary Daly says that “Not only priests and ministers, but members of the legal and medical professions had an active role and vested interest and overt violence against women, for example, by the medical profession.” 

Daly goes on to say that the phenomenon of false inclusion of women within professions are used as a means of destroying female integrity and powers and points out that while analyzing the “immaculate conception” and the “tokenizing of women” in the professions “by extension, in various men’s/boys’ clubs, such as male-led political groups- we find that both promote an illusion of progress.”

“The fact of the sexual caste system is disguised, or at least the impression is created that if it ever existed, it has now been overcome- or is well on the way to being overcome. Of course nothing could be further from the truth”. This delusion of progress inhibits radicalism. (as seen in the images below, widely shared on social media among feminist community- author unknown). 

“The immaculately conceived/deceived woman is being prepared for the ultimate Self-destruction- the selling out of her Self and of her sisters.”

“The point is that the appearance of social mobility, or progress, squelches the instinct to revolt and create radical change. Tokenism provides this appearance/illusion for women (and all oppressed groups), taming the radical impulse with false hope.”

Judith Long Laws points out:

Once the Token is confirmed in her role, her interactions with the larger group is facilitated and need not be mediated by the Sponsor.

“Tokens, having memorized male words and uncritically copied male texts, become complicit in the destruction of Memory. The token, detached from her Self, filled with gratitude to her sponsors, destroys the Source, which would have been her only recourse. Moreover, she knows not what she does.”

“To put it starkly and simply, the Second Coming of the Witchcraze will employ different methods. This time, women are trained and legitimated to do it to each other. Women have been coached by the impotent priests to destroy each other. A particularly lethal instrument of this training is man-made and male-controlled pseudo- feminism. One of the most deadly effects of pseudofeminism is the manufacture and spread of disillusion among women, who have been tricked into believing that the “illusion” is feminism itself. Thus the illusion-makers create the illusion that feminism is an illusion. Since this causes deceived and discouraged women to turn to the phallic sponsors for support in their crisis of feminist faith, the further spread of tokenism is achieved.”

“In the process of embedding this confusion, the master tricksters rely upon the unexorcized mechanisms of horizontal violence. . . .Thus programmed and activated in the direction of Self-destruction, women actively will not to re-member deep Memory, for women-identified knowledge has been made to seem repugnant. Fixed by the pushers of pseudofeminism, women are “purified” of even the desire to re-member. . .Complicit in their own brainwashing, women thus totaled become intellectual scrub-women, fanatically cleansing the minds of others.”

“The only hope for Overcoming this Second Coming of the Witchcraze is to risk be-ing the Crazed Witch, re-calling Rays of Elemental Memory. This involves facing the blinding light of the mythic paradigm of female assimilation/tokenism- seeing through the conception of deception, Undeceiving ourselves, Believing our Selves.”

Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy by Mary Daly pg. 109-116

More Quotes on The Lie of Equality

ALL Men of all colors from around the world benefit from male privilege and male domination and are patriarchally possessed (like most women still are, even in feminist groups- aka Token Torturers), only to varying degrees. For instance, a man may not be a rapist or a murderer and may be able to hold down a job, but he is indoctrinated to be a male supremacist and man-loving. They are all homoerotic in their core. Men who say they believe in equality simply mean they believe women should have the opportunity to “prove they are just as good” as men (even though we know we are always deemed just as bad and all the evidence says otherwise). Men don’t believe themselves to be “equal” with women. Listen closely to the words they speak, the things they believe and what they say and don’t say, do and don’t do. Yes! It is ALL men and even most women, sadly, that are poisoned with the MENtality of the fatherlands foreground (aka father-fostered consciousness).

Example: All the presidents have been “white” men except President Obama, a man of color. It wasn’t the white woman. It’s just a change of hands to other men. Black men were allowed to vote before white women could (or any woman for that matter). This is exactly why Mary Daly says racism is a distraction to women’s liberation. Thomas Mundy Peterson: The First African American to Vote | New Jersey: Then and Now. In 1870, Thomas Mundy Peterson became the first African American to vote in the United States. He did so at Perth Amboy City Hall in New Jersey—the oldest city hall still in use in the country.

Force of Reason by Rev. Jinnfire Hinderson

 Racism, Racial Identification & Women’s Liberation-

“The fact that giving priority to racial identification does not serve women’s own best interests is illustrated by the eruptions of conflict between the black liberation movement and the women’s movement. Black women are urged to stand behind and take orders from their men and are called disloyal if they give priority to the cause of their sisters. This contemporary phenomenon in American life is one more manifestation of the deep connection between sexism and racism. In the South, Negro women are sexually exploited by white men. Black men have often raped white women in revenge for their own degradation. Yet it was not women who brought slaves to America. Women have been pawns in the racial struggle, which is basically not the struggle that will set them free as women. If, as a result of black liberation, the prize achieved by black women is the same status as that of their white sisters, they will have an empty victory. Moreover, there is some question as to whether even this “same status” is attainable. The race problem is inextricably connected with sex.^” It is most unlikely that racism will be eradicated as long as sexism prevails. Outstanding black women scholars such as Pauli Murray and Angela Davis have pointed to the conflict situation in which black women have been placed. Davis has shown that the myth of the black “matriarch” is an ideological weapon designed to impair the capacity of blacks for resistance by foisting upon them the ideal of male supremacy. It was the weapon of the infamous “Moynihan report,” a cruel fabrication that inhibits blacks from seeing the real roots of racism. Murray suggests that by asserting a leadership role in the growing feminist movement, the black woman can keep it allied to the objectives of black liberation while simultaneously advancing the interests of all women.”

Beyond God the Father: Toward a Philosophy of Women’s Liberation by Mary Daly pg. 57

To say that straight men are heterosexual is only to say that they engage in sex (fucking exclusively with the other sex, i.e., women). All or almost all of that which pertains to love, most straight men reserved exclusively for other men. The people whom they admire, respect, adore, revere, honor, whom they imitate, idolize, and form profound attachments to, whom they are willing to teach and from whom they are willing to learn, and whose respect, admiration, recognition, honor, reverence and love they desire… those are, overwhelmingly, other men.

In their relations with women, what passes for respect is kindness, generosity or paternalism; what passes for honor is removal to the pedestal. From women they want devotion, service and sex. Heterosexual male culture is homoerotic; it is man-loving.

–Marilyn Frye, The Politics of Reality, pages 134-135

“it is…crucial for us to understand this, in order to see what is wrong with activism like lobbying for legal change, demonstrations etc. because what all of these things boil down to is talking to men, negotiating with men, believing in men’s authority to decide over us, believing in their reality, the foreground. It’s fundamentally reactive. It is giving men and their system our energy by resisting it. What we resist persists because it means using our life force to prop it up. In one of her speeches Sonia Johnson describes patriarchy as a castle and women as outside the walls trying to get in. We use all our strength to ram their door in. They strengthen the walls. By reacting to it, we give it credibility. What we should do instead is turn on our heels and walk into the forest. Let the men rot in their stinking castle. This is their biggest fear. That we will stop obeying or rebelling against their rules. As long as we are fixated upon their stupid castle we aren’t looking around at the beautiful trees, we aren’t aware of the sweet air on our skin, we aren’t listening to the Inner Voice. Which is of course the purpose of letting us “participate” in “politics” at all. If it didn’t serve men’s purpose to let us vote, demonstrate, petition, educate men and boys, in other words, play their game from whatever disadvantaged position, they wouldn’t do it. It’s their game. They invented it, they invented the rules, the board and the figurines too. As long as we are busy trying to ascend in their hierarchy, or getting them to change the rules of the game, as long as we think we have a stake in playing their game, as long as we are invested in it we will not walk away. Which is of course exactly what we need to do and this is what radical (firebrand) feminism is really about.”

Sonia Johnson quoted by Mary Daly

“For the first time in human history the mother kneels before her son; she freely accepts her inferiority. This is the supreme masculine victory, consummated in the cult of the Virgin-it is the rehabilitation of women through the accomplishment of her defeat.

Simone de Beauvoir, commenting on the Christian cult of the Virgin Mary

The concept of equality is only possible to the dualistic mind, the mind that must posit “unequal” in order to posit “equal”. When we realize that its existence is dependent upon the existence of inequality-not just in our minds but also in the world-we see that equality is an artifact of dichotomous patriarchal thought. So in solemnly teaching us to revere and desire equality, men have played a great joke on us.

Sonia Johnson


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