About Jinnfire

Image: “Entrance to the Cave of the Sibyl, Cumae”
by Following Hadrian is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

“The Sibyl, with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed, yet reaches to a thousand years with her voice”

To the Spirit
who lives and breathes
in all Elemental be-ing

To the Lady of Words of Power
who communicates herSelf
through the inadequate images-
from Isis and Ishtar
to Our Lady of Bourgillon

To the Muse in Metamorphosing women
whose Presence inspires the Realizing
of our own powers of creation
finally, now, and always

~Mary Daly

Jennifer Renee Anthony, also known as Rev. Jinnfire Hinderson-

“I am a certified Steward of Children with Darkness to light for the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse. I’ve even put a violent child sex offender in prison for life. I have homeschooled my two kids for most of their life. I am a published author. I am a Certified Monarch Waystation and pollinator pocket. I am an Ordained minister (or as I call it- a Firebrand Feminister) who can legally officiate weddings and other ceremonies across the U.S., I have done side-work matrilineal genealogy to help other women dis-cover their motherline. I am a singer/songwriter of feminist music and have copyrights on my songs. I am an heirloom seed collector and grower. (see previous post of my garden gallery). I make my own medicines, smudge sticks, candles and many other homemade things and crafts, including Willow Weaving. I have nearly two decades of studies, both independent and college education, in Women’s Liberation Studies, Human Sexuality, Philosophy & Religion, Sociology, Goddess Spirituality, Witches & Paganism, Women’s Mysteries, Matriarchal Studies, comparative mythology and religion, ancient Celtic culture and more! Jinnfire is a Celtic woman by DNA and practice. I’m always learning and growing. See it. Be it. Live it”.

As seen throughout all of her work, Jinnfire is mainly influenced by the work of Mary Daly, but loves to read and study Women’s Liberation Literature from around the world. Jinnfire has spent over two decades of intense scholarship in the “Studied Unlearning” of male-minded mind molds and manufractured memories.

All of her Studied Unlearning and Re-membering has led Jinnfire to the Dis-covering & Naming of “The History of Destroying Herstory”; the tireless task of righteously ripping off gems of knowledge that the patriarchs have stolen and smuggling these plundered treasures back to women. (fragmented pieces of Herstory from around the world- I call this “Herstorical Syncretism”)

Jinnfire’s commitment to life-long learning combined with her love for wordplay has been strengthened through over two decades of rigorous studies in comparative humanities, such as (but not limited to); psychology, sociology, mythology, theology, politics, philosophy, human sexuality, ontology, metaphysics, evolutionary and forensic linguistics-semantics and more!

She loves to be around family and friends, gardening and enjoying nature, reading, singing and writing, listening to and creating music. She has written and recorded an original music album and is currently work on a new one. Also worth noting, Jinnfire’s family home has been a certified and registered Monarch Waystation and Pollinator Habitat for several years now. In just one year, her family raised 22 Monarchs from egg to butterfly.

Jinnfire is a Certified Steward of Children with Darkness To Light (D2L) for the Awareness & Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and is an advocate for women and children with disabilities. Jinnfire has a rare genetic disorder called Titinopathy and a child with autism. She is also a trained “Parent-Led ABA Therapist” for teaching skill acquisition to children with developmental disabilities and can serve as an Autism Intervention Consultant.