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“We are aware that the gods of patriarchy are pale derivatives and reversals of ancient yet always Present Goddess(es). We suspect that phallocentric writers and artists who have even a glimmer of insight are sometimes made uncomfortable by their own state of deception. Those who have any awareness of the heinous crime of reversal which is patriarchy must be in a state of deep conflict and fear of…Her.”
― Mary Daly

Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them the power of naming themselves. Sarah Gilbert Susan Gubar

“See, that no matter what you have done, I am still here. And it has made me dangerous, and wise. And brother, You cannot whore, perfume and suppress me anymore. I have my own business in this skin. And on this planet.” ~GAIL MURRAY (1970)

If God is male, then male is god. Patriarchy is religion. Religion is Patriarchy. -MARY DALY

“For women to imagine and honor a female deity is a sign of mental health. How sane can we be if we honor God as a tall white male-who we are relatively short, mortal, female, and of many colors. I imagine if women understood that Mary is not a virgin (in the Christian sense) and that she has a daughter, not a son. Listen to Z: “a self created God who has no mother is a totally unsupportable concept”. To deny motherhood is to deny women, and there are two kinds of people; mothers and their children” The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries by Z Budapest.

“Having a low opinion of yourself is not ‘modesty.’ It’s self-destruction. Holding your uniqueness in high regard is not ‘egotism.’ It’s a necessary precondition to happiness and success.” ― Bobbe Sommer

“One of the things the women’s movement does is to make you feel pain. You feel your own pain, the pain of other women, the pain of sisters whose lives you can barely imagine. You have to have a lot of courage to accept that if you commit yourself, over the long term, not just for three months, not for a year, not for two years, but for a lifetime, to feminism, to the women’s movement, that you are going to live with a lot of pain. In this country that is not a fashionable thing to do. So be prepared for the therapists. And be prepared for the prescriptions. Be prepared for all the people who tell you that it’s your problem, it’s not a social problem, and why are you so bitter, and what’s wrong with you? And underneath that is always the presumption that the rape was delusional, that the battery did not happen, that the economic hardship is your own unfortunate personal failing. Hold onto the fact that that’s not true: it has never been true.”

– Andrea Dworkin, “Feminism: An Agenda,” from Letters from a War Zone, 1988

Take the snake, the fruit-tree and the woman from the tableau, and we have no fall, nor frowning Judge, no Inferno, no everlasting punishment-hence no need of a Savior. Thus the bottom falls out of the whole Christian theology. Here is the reason why in all the Biblical researches and higher criticisms, the scholars never touch the position of women.-ELIZABETH CADY STANTON

To say that straight men are heterosexual is only to say that they engage in sex (fucking exclusively with the other sex, i.e., women). All or almost all of that which pertains to love, most straight men reserve exclusively for other men. The people whom they admire, respect, adore, revere, honor, whom they imitate, idolize, and form profound attachments to, whom they are willing to teach and from whom they are willing to learn, and whose respect, admiration, recognition, honor, reverence and love they desire… those are, overwhelmingly, other men.
In their relations with women, what passes for respect is kindness, generosity or paternalism; what passes for honor is removal to the pedestal. From women they want devotion, service and sex. Heterosexual male culture is homoerotic; it is man-loving.

–Marilyn Frye, The Politics of Reality, pages 134-135

The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men – from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Quit Twerkin, Start Dworkin.~Desideria

“We cannot suffer with the poor when we are unwilling to confront those persons and systems that cause poverty. We cannot set the captives free when we do not want to confront those who carry the keys. We cannot profess our solidarity with those who are oppressed when we are unwilling to confront the oppressor. Compassion without confrontation fades quickly to fruitless sentimental commiseration. (p. 122)” ― Henri J. M. Nouwen Donald P. McNeill Douglas A. Morrison

“it is…crucial for us to understand this, in order to see what is wrong with activism like lobbying for legal change, demonstrations etc. because what all of these things boil down to is talking to men, negotiating with men, believing in men’s authority to decide over us, believing in their reality, the foreground. It’s fundamentally reactive. It is giving men and their system our energy by resisting it. What we resist persists because it means using our life force to prop it up. In one of her speeches Sonia Johnson describes patriarchy as a castle and women as outside the walls trying to get in. We use all our strength to ram their door in. They strengthen the walls. By reacting to it, we give it credibility. What we should do instead is turn on our heels and walk into the forest. Let the men rot in their stinking castle. This is their biggest fear. That we will stop obeying or rebelling against their rules. As long as we are fixated upon their stupid castle we aren’t looking around at the beautiful trees, we aren’t aware of the sweet air on our skin, we aren’t listening to the Inner Voice. Which is of course the purpose of letting us “participate” in “politics” at all. If it didn’t serve men’s purpose to let us vote, demonstrate, petition, educate men and boys, in other words, play their game from whatever disadvantaged position, they wouldn’t do it. It’s their game. They invented it, they invented the rules, the board and the figurines too. As long as we are busy trying to ascend in their hierarchy, or getting them to change the rules of the game, as long as we think we have a stake in playing their game, as long as we are invested in it we will not walk away. Which is of course exactly what we need to do and this is what radical (firebrand) feminism is really about.”

“”No wonder we’re so ineffective,” I thought. “We attend to the wrong things. Why on earth try to stop women from DOING something, doing ANYTHING?” One of women’s serious acculturated disabilities is fear of acting. We’re so afraid of making mistakes, of looking foolish, so afraid of public opinion and censure that we hardly dare to move. Think of the leaders of a national women’s organization working so hard to quell the energy and stop the initiative of women made me wild with frustration. “No wonder we’re still slaves,” I ranted to myself. “We have slave mentalities. We think small. We cling to caution, concentrate on constraints. We’re afraid of freedom. WE don’t trust ourselves or one another with it. Oh, If only women would do something risky, if only they’d do almost anything unconventional! How much hope that would give me.” Sonia Johnson GOING OUT OF OUR MINDS

“Men develop ideas and systems of explanation by absorbing past knowledge and critiquing and superseding it. Women, ignorant of their own herstory [do] not know what women before them had thought and taught. So generation after generation, they [struggle] for insights others had already had before them, [resulting in] the constant inventing of the wheel.” – Gerda Lerner”

“I hazard the explanation that a shock is at once in my case followed by the desire to explain it. I feel that I have had a blow; but it is not, as I thought as a child , simply a blow from an enemy hidden behind the cotton wool of daily life; it is or will become a revelation of some order; it is a token of some real thing behind appearances; and I make it real by putting it into words. It is only by putting it into words that I make it whole; this wholeness means that it has lost its power to hurt me; it gives me, perhaps because by doing so I take away the pain, a great delight to put the severed parts together.” ~Virginia Woolf, “A Sketch of the Past,” Moments of Being, cited by Mary Daly in Gyn/Ecology pg. 322.

“Without breakthroughs in woman-identified spirituality, the “women’s movement” would be a non movement- hopelessly dead and deadening.” ~Mary Daly

“Hit that, smash that, f*ck that, destroy that…

“There are two main points here. The first is that sex is being described in very violent terms and the second is that the word ‘that’ is used in place of ‘her’ to objectify the woman they are talking about. Where is this sexually violent language coming from? “Well, sorry to be the not-the-fun-kind-of-feminist, but its porn and societal misogyny. There is no doubt about where this is coming from. Work by people like Julia Long and Gail Dines has long told us that porn has become more and more violent, with Long (2012) arguing that over 90% of porn now features violence against women including hitting, slapping, kicking, choking, hurting, whipping and deliberately painful and extremely degrading sex acts.

I believe women CAN love one another, CAN cooperate, CAN trust, CAN, in short, rise above our conditioning. I believe we are ready to practice what we know–that as we build one another up and rejoice in the achievement and triumpsh, in the gifts and beauties of other women, we ourselves grow more gifted, beautiful, and strong. I believe that as we do this, we will forge a sisterhood so mighty that nothing in the world can stop us.This is my dream. It is a dream in which we each remember that every woman born is us.Sonia Johnson, GOING OUT OF OUR MINDS

Wisdom of Sonia Johnson

“The wonderfully hopeful part of this is that reality’s being within us obviously makes it very much under our control. So much under our control, in fact, that the instant patriarchy dies in our hearts and in our minds, it dies everywhere. When women cease to believe that patriarchy is very strong, when we stop being afraid of it, when we stop believing that we must do everything through and in relation to men and their system,
when we stop thinking of men’s control as power, when we deprogram ourselves from the belief that we cannot build a new world without first getting men’s approval (trying to get them to legislate it for us, for instance), and when we stop believing that we have to do any piece of our lives as society dictates, then patriarchy is over. The instant enough of us
detach from patriarchy and stop facilitating it, that is the instant tyranny will cease. We are learning how to look, how to see. We are not on our way to a new world, we are there already and must simply recognize it. Though we began by seeing our oppression, now we must see beyond it, see that our freedom is as real as our bondage, and that we can—and often do—live in it right now. Once, to a group of friends, I talked about how, with my current understanding of my role in perpetuating patriarchy and because of my love for myself and women and all life, I had to let go, to detach, to cut the umbilical cords of belief and feeling. To illustrate what I meant, at least in part, I quoted my friend Sheila Feiger: I’m not interested in doing less than changing the world. But I’ve been in the movement—
in NOW—for 12 years. I’ve carried the picket signs and gone to the conferences, been in the demonstrations, and spoken, and written letters, and watched Congress, and worked for candidates, and done all the things we thought would change the world. And I know that that is not the way to change the world and I’m not going to do those things anymore.
“And neither am I,” I said to my friends. “Oh, Sonia,” one of them sighed, “that’s just not practical!” “Practical,” I repeated thoughtfully. “Isn’t that an interesting word.” I thought to myself how for 5,000 years women have been resisting patriarchy in all the ways that have been called practical, resistance itself held to be the only practical avenue to change. Some say that women weren’t always aware enough to resist or didn’t know anything was wrong. But I say that if we want to know how women were down through the centuries, all we have to do is look at ourselves.
We are how women have been: brilliant, brave, strong—magnificent. All through history women have known, intuitively when not cerebrally, that patriarchy was deadly to everything we loved, and we have always resisted it in every way, overt and covert, private and public, that presented itself—the most creative, inventive, imaginative ways possible (and there are countless ways to resist, as we know) on all its levels. Women have resisted patriarchy with unsurpassed cunning, craft, and passion for at least 5,000 years. I don’t want to be hasty, but it seems to me that 5,000 years is long enough to try any method, particularly one that doesn’t work. Women want above all else to be fair, and we have given resistance a fair trial. In all fairness then, it is time to try something different.
It should have been obvious to us, and would have been if we hadn’t been so deeply conditioned to believe otherwise, that resistance doesn’t work. When we look at the world, what we see is patriarchy at its nadir, in its decadence, patriarchy most fully itself, so ripe it is rotten. I think this is not despite women’s resistance but because of it. There are women who want to believe that if we had not resisted, patriarchy would be even worse, that our resistance has been a sort of holding action. But nothing can be put on “hold”; all is constantly changing, as patriarchy grown obscenely, putrescently patriarchal, attests.
Then these women say, “My life is so much easier because of the women who fought before me. How can I not do the same for my sisters?” But men give starving women crumbs to distract us from their escalating violence. They point out how they have improved women’s lot. How women can now get men’s jobs, can now attend the universities. What they are saying is that they have seen to it that we have a larger stake in their system. It is called co-optation. What if the women who went before us had, instead of fighting against patriarchy, made a different world? If they had, the heritage they would have left us would be no patriarchy at all. That’s the heritage I’m interested in leaving behind. More than that, that’s what I want for myself right now.” (pg. 13-16)

“…the instant patriarchy dies in our hearts and in our minds, it dies everywhere. When women cease to believe that patriarchy is very strong, when we stop being afraid of it, when we stop believing that we must do everything through and in relation to men and their system, when we stop thinking of men’s control as power, when we deprogram ourselves from the belief that we cannot build a new world without first getting men’s approval (trying to get them to legislate it for us, for instance), and when we stop believing that we have to do any piece of our lives as society dictates, then patriarchy is over. The instant enough of us detach from patriarchy and stop facilitating it, that is the instant tyranny will cease.” Sonia Johnson, Wildfire

Wisdom of Elaine Charkowski

Calling all Amazons!
What caused the Amazon phenomena?

By Elaine Charkowski
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Men have been raping and murdering women for uncounted millennia and have never stopped. It’s now time for women to use what Mary Daly called WOMEN’S VOLCANIC RAGE to take back our rightful place of power that men violently took from us during the last 6,000 years of “civilization” and previous uncounted millennia!

MEN are raping, battering and murdering both Women and Mother Earth! Men are too violent and stupid to hold power! Isn’t this OBVIOUS by now?!

It’s obvious women are more intelligent then men!

Read the paper, watch the news! Which sex started slavery, homophobia, war, rape, genocide, ecocide—and gynocide, the witch-burnings and mass murder of women? If women spoke the truth to each other about men’s depravity the world would split open!

Are we afraid of being labeled “politically correct?” This word was coined by men, who, in addition to their power institutions of science, law, religion, economy, finance, government, education, the military, technology and the medical field, also control language by the use of mass media-which men also own and control.
Hence, men’s portrayal of women as inferior obedient servants.

Men also created and run the billion dollar hard-core porn industry in which captive women are raped, tortured and killed (snuff movies) so male scum can use the death and torture of women as entertainment.

Selling little girls into prostitution is a booming business. Guess which sex buys and fucks them. The bible (which men wrote) gives men so-called divine permission to own slaves, dominate women, wage war, and sacrifice helpless animals. However, there is no “divine” law against men fucking their own daughters. Who but men could invent such a depraved, psychopathic “god’!

Deep down, women know that men can NOT be trusted with power over households and nations! For uncounted millennia, men have proven and continue to prove that they are too violent and stupid to hold power and are incapable of evolving! This is long enough to reveal the truth! “Time will tell” and time has told!

The fact that Amazons existed in many lands and in many eras has been obliterated by history (written by MEN) whose lies say the Amazons were only a myth.

Men fear the smoldering RAGE of the world’s women which, after uncounted millennia of men’s abuse and degradation, is on the verge of bursting into flames! Hence, the male-created taboo against women touching weapons!

After hearing men’s lies about themselves for thousands of years, many women actually believe they are inferior to men! Mary Daly called this Patriarchal Reversal. The social taboo against women touching weapons must apply to MEN to stop them from killing women and murdering Mother Earth with their armies and corporations, the most lethal life-destroying forces (beside nuclear missiles) MEN have ever created!

“The Amazon Phenomena are interwoven with the origins of all peoples. They may be found from Central Asia to the Occident, from the Scythian north to West Africa and beyond the ocean. Everywhere, Amazonism is accompanied by violent acts of bloody vengeance against the male sex,” wrote Elizabeth Gould Davis in her book The First Sex.

She adds, “Degraded by men’s sexual abuse, her sense of outrage and the fury of her despair spurred her to armed resistance. Everywhere, the assault on her rights provoked her resistance and she resorted to bloody vengeance.”

“Yet Amazonism, despite its savagery, was a necessary step toward civilized society and it signifies an appreciable rise in human culture. In it lies the first germ of the Matriarchy which founded the civilization of all peoples. This is thoroughly confirmed by history, for without it and the power it gave the women over men, there would have been no advancement.”

“The First Sex” by Elizabeth Gould Davis

“The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths And Secrets” by Barbara Walker

“Warrior Women of the Eurasian Steppes” by Jeannine David-Kimball. Her article is in Archaeology (magazine) Jan/Feb 1997 Vol. 50 Issue 1 page 44.

Malespeak with feminist translations
By Elaine Charkowski

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Mary Daly in her book Quintessence wrote, “Naming the agent is required for an adequate analysis of atrocities.” As linguist Julia Penelope has shown in her book Speaking Freely: Unlearning the Lies of the Fathers’ Tongues, “Agent deletion is a dangerous and common mind-muddying flaw.”

The purpose of Malespeak is to avoid naming male violence and male violence against women specifically and to avoid naming men as the perpetrators. Malespeak also limits women’s ability to form concepts necessary to free themselves from male domination. When women learn to spot Malespeak in the male dominated media, it loses its power to control their minds.

After reading Carol Adam’s books (Neither Man Nor Beast, The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat) about how male violence against animals and women is not named, I watched for more instances of linguistic techniques to avoid naming male violence against women. Here are the kinds I have gathered so far. I’m sure there are more!

This refers to something without actually NAMING it. Carol Adams coined this term in her books linking men’s abuse of women and animals. Animal examples of the Absent Referent are: “veal” (baby bull flesh) “steak” (cow flesh) “bacon” (pig flesh) etc. Some examples of the Absent Referent that don’t name men as the agents of women’s agony are “domestic violence” “gender based violence” “family violence” “sexual violence” “intimate partner violence” or just “violence.” All these timid terms dance around naming male violence, and thus, men as the agents. They also do not name those who men abuse – women.
Here is an extreme use of the Absent Referent by lawyers defending a school district in which an adult male teacher raped a twelve-year-old girl:
Malespeak: “Carelessness and negligence on her part, proximity, contributed to the happenings of the incident.”
Neither the perpetrator (the adult male teacher), his victim (the girl he raped), nor the crime of rape (“the happenings of the incident”) was mentioned. In addition, the lawyers blamed the girl for causing the man to rape her because of where she was (her “proximity”).
Feminist translation: “An adult male teacher raped a twelve-year-old girl. The lawyers said it was her fault because of where she was.”

The victims are doing the action of being victimized which shifts the focus from the perpetrators (men).
Malespeak: “I refuse to watch as more than a billion women experience violence on the planet.”
The women are doing the action of “experiencing violence.” This shifts the focus away from the men committing the violence. The Absent Referent is also used since men are not named. It’s male violence, not “violence.” Malespeak can consist of more than one element.
Feminist translation: “I refuse to watch as MEN inflict MALE VIOLENCE on more than a billion women on the planet.”

The perpetrators (men) and their victims are named, so this is not Malespeak.
“Men raped the women.” The focus is on MEN doing the raping and the Absent Referent is not used since men are named as the rapists. Men are the subject of the sentence.

A recent term I read is, “The women fell into pregnancy.” The women are doing the action of “falling into pregnancy.” The Absent Referent is also used. Men are not named.
Feminist translation: “Men impregnated the women.”

This type of Malespeak blends things together to obscure each of them, such as women and men. Sex-neutral language is a type of Absent Referent that avoids naming male abuses.
Malespeak: “Children are raping children because of seeing porn at a young age.”
Naming the sex of the abuser is necessary to name the agents, males, and the ones they rape, girls.
Feminist translation: “Boys are raping girls…”
The antidote to using sex-neutral language which blends females and males (such as “human” “they” “them” “people” “citizens” ‘we” “us” etc.) is coining female-specific words. Several women on Facebook coined the following female-specific translations from Malespeak.

Malespeak: “colonization” This applies to invaders colonizing both women and men without naming women specifically. For example: “White men colonized the Native Americans.”
Feminist translation: “gynocolonization.” This applies specifically to the male colonization of women. For example: “Men colonized the minds of women who oppose women’s rights.”

Other female-specific terms are: “gynoappropriation” (men stealing women’s inventions and writings and taking credit for them), “gynonullification” and “gynerasure” (not naming women and their accomplishments.
Malespeak: “sovereignty” This applies to the self-determination of both women and men.
Feminist translation: “gynosovereignty.”This applies specifically to women’s self-determination.

All of these female-specific words address the patriarchal male tactic of making women and their accomplishments invisible. In the following example, the sex-neutral terms are “Native Americans” and “they.”
Malespeak: “Native Americans of the plains tribes skinned buffalo, deer and other animals. They scraped and pounded the hides until clean and pliable. They sewed tipi covers, clothing, moccasins, and containers to carry their belongings. They adorned their containers and clothes with beautiful designs made from dyed porcupine quills. They were also responsible for childcare, gathering edible vegetables, and cooking all the meals.”
Feminist translation: “Native American WOMEN skinned buffalo, deer and other animals. The WOMEN scraped and pounded the hides until clean and pliable. . .”.

Malespeak: “The Women’s Movement.”
This erases the whole idea of women’s liberation and no longer begs the question of who women need liberating from (men). Worse, Gender Studies (formerly Women’s Studies) erases both women as an oppressed sex and their need for liberation from men by using gender-neutral language. It also equates “gender” (male-created rules for women and men to obey) with “sex” (the biological reality of female and male).
Feminist translation: “Women’s Liberation.” This both states that women need to be liberated and implies who they need liberating from, men. And asserts the reality of the sex- based oppression of women.

This tactic obscures the fact that violence is overwhelmingly male violence by equating it with the far fewer instances of female violence. For example, “violence” is often cast as a sex-neutral human issue, since “women are violent too,” “What about Margaret Thatcher” etc.
Also, notice that men created, own and control patriarchy- the male supremacist System in which some woman collaborate to gain power. However, female collaborators did not create the System nor do they control it. Below is data from the Bureau of US Justice Statistics:

Males were almost 10 times more likely than females to commit murder in 2005.
ALL Homicide Types Listed by Sex (1976-2005)
88% Male, 11.2% Female.”
Eldercide Male 85.2% Female 14.8%
Felony murder Male 93.2% Female 6.8%
Sex related murder Male 93.6% Female 6.4%
Gang related murder Male 98.3% Female 1.7%
Drug related murder Male 95.5% Female 4.5%
Workplace murders Male 91.3% Female 8.7%
Argument murders Male 85.6 % Female 14.4%
GUN homicide Male 91.3% Female 8.7%
Multiple victims Male 93.5% Female 6.5%
Child murder Of those children killed by someone other than the parent, 81% were killed by MEN.
Child Molestation:
According to the US Dept of Justice, “Males are reported to be the abusers in 80% to 95% of cases.” Thoriger, D., et al 1988.
And last but not least, legal mass serial killings listed by the millions of people men killed in all the wars they planned, funded and waged.

1911 – The men who ruled Turkey disarmed its citizens, and between 1915 – 1917 they murdered 1.5 million Armenians.
1929 – The men who ruled Russia disarmed its citizens, and between 1929 – 1953 they murdered 20 million Russians.
1935 – The men who ruled China disarmed its citizens, and between 1948 – 1952 they murdered 20 million Chinese.
1938 – The men who ruled Germany disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6 million Jews.
1956 – The men who ruled Cambodia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1975 – 1977 they murdered 1 million Educated people.
1964 – The men who ruled Guatemala disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1964 – 1981 they murdered 100,000 Mayan Indians.
1970 – The men who ruled Uganda disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1971 – 1979 they murdered 300,000 Christians.

Words just carry meaning, sounds from vocal cords or combinations of letters. However, Malespeak turns words into actual physical entities with the power to act:
Malespeak: “War broke out.” The word “war” is given the power to “break out.” This is also another use of the Absent Referent that does not name the agents (men) nor their victims, who are often women and children.
Feminist translation: “Men decided to wage war to kill (fill in the blank of the ones men want to kill).”
Malespeak: “Israel bombed Palestine.” “Israel” is just a word that defines a country, but Malespeak gives it the power to act (bomb Palestine). Again, the Absent Referent is used to avoid naming the agents (men) and their victims.
Feminist translation: “The men who run the government of Israel ordered the bombing of women, children, men, animals, birds, trees, etc).” The agents (men) and their victims are named.

Men often use fictional words to give the impression that things that don’t exist are real. Some examples:
Malespeak: “Phrenology”
This “scientific” term claims that bumps on the skull determines human intelligence. Of course, white men have the “right” kinds of skulls showing intelligence, but People of Color and women do not.
Feminist translation: “fictitious biological determinism.”

Malespeak: “Transwoman” This word gives the false impression that “transitioning” to the other sex is actually possible and that men can “become” women. Supposedly, to “become” a woman does not depend on the biological reality of being a human female and having the XX chromosome. Instead, a man can just “identify” as a woman and decide that he is a woman with or without surgery or hormones.

According to Webster’s Dictionary: woman: noun An adult female human being.
To look like a woman is not the same as being a woman! This insanity now spans the globe and has infected “inclusive” former women’s colleges, sports teams, and sex specific crime statistics where crimes committed by female impersonators are listed as crimes committed by biological women.
Feminist translation: “Female impersonator.”

This tactic gives a fictitious description of a thing to “explain” why the thing is wrong. It gives the illusion of a reasoned argument against what is being described negatively.
Malespeak: “Radical feminism must be opposed because it advocates eradication of all men.”
Feminist Translation: “Radical feminism is about the liberation of all women from male domination which is why men oppose it.”

Men also constantly redefine feminism to confuse women. Some examples are “liberal feminism” “white feminism” etc. If it doesn’t support the liberation of all women from male domination, it isn’t feminism! That’s why radical feminists have had to coin the specific term “radical feminism” (“radical” = “root”) to focus on the root of women’s oppression which is male domination!

Malespeak: “Lord” “Heavenly Father” “He” “Him”
Feminist translation: “man” or “men”
Using their invented “gods” like ventriloquist’s dummies, men wrote “scripture” (the male dominating script of their “gods”). Examples: “I am the Lord thy god. Thou shall have no other gods before me.” “Vengeance is mine, said the Lord.” etc.
Since men invented “god,” men not only “play” god, they are god, as can be seen by the following male authored “scripture” (the “script” of their invented “gods.”)

“A woman must never be free of subjugation.”— Hindu code of Manu V.

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your husbands, for the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church.”—Ephesians 5:23-24.

“The body of a woman is filthy and not a vessel for the law.”— Buddha.

“God formed her body to belong to a man, to have and to rear children. Let them bear children till they die of it.”— Martin Luther.

“In pain shall you bear children, yet your urge will be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”— Genesis 3:16.

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. Suffer not woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man.” —Timothy 2:11-15.

“Your women are fields for you to cultivate, so go to your field as you will.”— Koran 2:223.

“Women have weak memories, are undisciplined, impulsive and dangerous when given authority over anything.”—Catholic Church’s edict against “witches.”

“I thank thee O lord, that thou has not created me a heathen, a slave, or a woman.”— Orthodox Jewish prayer.
As Simone de Beauvoir wrote, “Man enjoys the great advantage of having a god endorse the code he writes. . . and the fear of god will keep women in their place.”

Male violence against women impacts more than half the human race. Other forms of male violence include, but are not limited to: racism, colonization, genocide, nationalism and Ecocide, the murder of the Living World (environmental male violence against the Earth).
In her book “Come Inside the Circle of Creation,” Elizabeth Dodson said that patriarchy is the fatal need to rank diversity.

If we try to rank all the abuses within human society by claiming that “our” abuse is more important and worse than “their” abuse, we also rank the value of its victims. Thus, the hierarchy and all its divisions that keep us separate and fighting with each other are preserved.

However, there is only one type of male violence that must be ranked as the worst of all. This is Ecocide, men’s systematic murder of the Living World upon which humanity and all life depends. It is implemented by capitalist patriarchy, which is the global social structure of male violence.

In all of these types of violence, no matter if female collaborators help them or not, men are the common denominators and the source of all the world’s agony! Men control the system of patriarchy they created while women who collaborate with them do not. Male violence against women is the reason some women are broken enough to collaborate.

Male violence is the worst problem in the world! Hence, the use of Malespeak to avoid naming it.

Break the silence!

Name MALE VIOLENCE and never never never stop! The Me Too movement was just the beginning!

MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN caused overpopulation and EVERY crisis we now face
By Elaine Charkowski
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“Silence is the first thing within the power of the enslaved to shatter. From that shattering, everything else spills forth,” said Robin Morgan in her book “The Demon Lover.”

Everyone who works for social justice, stopping global warming and saving the environment will continue to just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic unless male domination of women is dealt with!

Connect the dots!

• AGRICULTURE is often blamed for the human population explosion and the resulting destruction of Nature. However, for thousands of years, many tribes have cultivated small garden plots but kept their populations stable because women controlled their child bearing. Thus, with a small sustainable population, small gardens were enough to feed the tribe. There was no need for mass industrialized agriculture and it’s use of pesticides, herbicides, etc.

• MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN drives mandated and culturally coerced pregnancy.

• MANDATED AND CULTURALLY COERCED PREGNANCY drives overpopulation which is great for the economy but not for the Earth!

• OVERPOPULATION drives economic growth due to women’s mostly involuntary re-production of consumer/worker/soldier/breeder units. More than seven billion humans buy a lot more stuff and burn a lot more fossil fuel than two billion did in 1940. This is great for the global economy but not for the Living World.

• ECONOMIC GROWTH drives habitat destruction by changing the Living World into the Built World of pastures, farmland, cities, manufactured stuff and money for an ever increasing human population to consume.

• HABITAT DESTRUCTION drives the Sixth Major Extinction.

Reproductive rights for ALL the world’s women would slow the growth of, and eventually humanely reduce the human population.This is because most women do not choose to have more children than they can feed and care for.

A reduced human population would save the Living World since fewer humans would consume less habitat, reduce deforestation, burn less fossil fuel and reduce global warming. War would also decrease because women’s involuntary industrialized re-production of soldiers would no longer be mandated. The supply of soldiers would eventually run out as they killed each other off.

However, men will never relinquish their appropriation of the uterus! Losing control of women as livestock would threaten their global economy!

If women took back control of their bodies, Patriarchy (the global Earth-devouring male-dominated social system) would collapse and the Living World would breathe a sigh of relief.

But shhh! Never mention male domination of women! Dance around it and only name the symptoms!

Overpopulation, (if it’s even mentioned at all) is the MAIN SYMPTOM of the male domination of women which caused ALL the other symptoms (global warming, ocean acidification, war, pollution, desertification, deforestation, drought, famine, habitat destruction, endangered species, etc).

What to Do

1. IMMEDIATE international action must be taken to enable EVERY women on Earth to have reproductive rights.

2. Every soldier from every military on Earth (tens of millions of them) must be deployed to plant billions of trees, restoring habitat and cleaning up pollution instead of killing people.

3. 3.75 BILLION EMERGENCY VASECTOMIES would slow and reverse the human population explosion. Since one man can impregnate many women, it’s time to regulate MEN’s bodies for a change.

I blame the MEN who invented patriarchy!
by Elaine Charkowski

Patriarchy is a set of instructions on how a dysfunctional male supremacist society is to be set up. Men supposedly have the right to dominate women, nature, and any man with less power.

However, MEN must follow the instructions to give patriarchy life and power! Otherwise, patriarchy would be an inert, lifeless set of instructions.

Like Buffy St. Marie said in her song

“The Universal Soldier”

He’s five feet two and he’s six feet four
He fights with missiles and with spears
He’s all of thirty-one and he’s only seventeen
He’s been a soldier for a thousand years

He’s a catholic, a Hindu, an Atheist, a Jane
A Buddhist and a Baptist and Jew
And he knows he shouldn’t kill and he knows he always will You’ll for me my friend and me for you

And he’s fighting for Canada, he’s fighting for France He’s fighting for the usa
And he’s fighting for the Russians and he’s fighting for Japan
And he thinks we’ll put an end to war this way

And he’s fighting for democracy he’s fighting for the reds
He says it’s for the peace of all
He’s the one who must decide who’s to live and who’s to die
And he never sees the writing on the wall

But without him how would Hitler have condemned him at Le Val
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He’s the one who gives his body as the weapon of the war
And without him all this killing can’t go on

He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame
But his orders come from far away no more
They come from him and you and me
and brothers can’t you see
This is not the way we put an end to war.

Many Hands Make “Light” Work! by Elaine Charkowski (Copy-free and Shareable) Concerned about pesticides on genetically engineered food grown by earth-destroying corporations that don’t support our community? Tired of skimping on food because of a tight budget? Meet your neighbors and make new friends! Make a “Declaration of Food Independence!” When we reclaim our birthright of organic gardens, root cellars and rain barrels, we grow strong and self-sufficient and divert money from producers of toxic pesticides and herbicides! Many Hands Make Light Work!—the light of goodness and compassion that continues to shine in each of us in spite of living in a violent toxic culture! Let’s meet our neighbors and build community while providing ourselves with pure organic food! Organic Food Without Money Ideally, no money is needed to start an organic “Many Hands” garden. Gardeners can share information and resources. If your Many Hands garden is short on supplies, contact friends, neighbors or local businesses to get donated lumber for raised beds, gopher wire, compost, seeds and seedlings. Businesses are repaid by getting positive publicity by displaying a “ WE DONATED TO THE MANY HANDS GARDEN PROJECT flyer. If a gardening group needs help doing the heavy physical work, neighbors, students or even non-violent offenders can fulfill their community service and pitch in. Helpers are given a percent of the harvest as payment. Several gardens can even get together and file for non profit status and get a Tax ID #. Then, donors can write off their donations. If a Many Hands gardening group provides their own materials, they share the entire harvest to keep or to trade with other Many Hands gardens at farmer’s markets that Many Hands gardens organize and schedule. Your local Grange would be a great place for Many Hands farmers markets! Sources of Land Call your Department of Parks and Recreation, The local Grange, City Council, County Tax Collector, or County Board of Supervisors to find land to garden! Or, ask your neighbors! Look at all the lifeless lawns or weed and junk-filled empty lots that could be producing tons of healthy organic food while attracting birds, and butterflies! Everything from a tray of sprouts, a pot of herbs or a field’s worth of potatoes can be grown and bartered! Altruism is the key to harmonious food exchanges. If a person with physical challenges can grow a pot of herbs, they can be able to trade them for a bag of potatoes grown by those blessed with strong bodies and good health! To avoid legal liability issues, waivers can be signed to protect land doners and gardeners to avoid insurance expenses. Organization and Outreach Each Many Hands garden is named and organized by its members who work out the details among themselves. What kind of crops? How much land? What percent of the harvest do helpers get? etc. Each garden can be compared to a wheel. The spokes are the gardeners who choose a Contact Person (the Hub). Hubs give their garden’s contact info to the Hub of other gardens. Hubs of each garden find each other by running ads with their contact information in publications or by forming an email list or web site or Facebook Page. As new Hubs form, they all share contact information and any other useful gardening information with all the other Hubs. The sky’s the limit! Imagine an interconnected and ever- expanding net made of tens of thousands of Many Hands gardens in neighborhoods spreading across the nation, from rural towns to big cities everywhere! The non hierarchal net of Hubs will grow and spread! This type of hub-wheel organization is not limited to gardens! It can be also used for any type of group such as support networks for seniors, people with medical needs, root cellaring groups, rainwater and fog harvesting groups or whatever! Organic Gardening—Back to the Future! You can help provide organic food and end hunger in your community and beyond! Benefits include building healthy soil, saving beneficial insects, butterflies and songbirds and not supporting the pesticide industries that kill them and sterilize precious topsoil!! Farmers have been growing organic food for 10,000 years until the creation of the deadly pesticide industry after World War II! Organic farming has now come full cycle! Let’s all end hunger, meet our neighbors, share food together and preserve the Living World by growing organic food direct from the manufacturer—Mother Earth!

Eco-feminists do not see a separation between male abuse of women and the Living World
Compiled by Elaine Charkowski

Here is an amazing excerpt from Susan Griffin’s book “Woman and Nature-the Roaring Inside Her.” From the chapter “Land (Her Changing Face) in which he shapes this earth to his use.” (Page 52)

“He breaks the wilderness. He clears the land of trees, brush, weed. The land is brought under his control; he has turned waste into a garden. Into her soil he places his plow. He labors. He plants. He sows. By the sweat of his brow, he makes her yield. She opens her broad lap to him. She smiles on him. She prepares him a feast. She gives up her treasures to him. She makes him grow rich. She yields. She conceives. Her lap is fertile. Out of her dark interior, life arises. What she does to his seed is a mystery to him. He counts her yielding as a miracle . . .

“Yet just as silently she withholds from him. Without reason she refuses to yield. She is fickle. She dries up. She is bitter She scorns him. He is determined he will master her. He will make her produce at will. He will devise ways to plant what he wants in her, to make her yield more to him.

“He deciphers the secrets of the soil. (He knows why she brings forth). He recites the story of the carbon cycle. (He masters the properties of chlorophyll). He recites the story of the nitrogen cycle. (He brings nitrogen out of the air). He determines the composition of the soil. (Over and over he can plant the same plot of land with the same crop) . . .

“That what went on in her quietude is no longer a secret, that the ways of the land can be managed. That the farmer can ask whatever he wishes of the land. (He replaces the fungi, bacteria, earthworms, insects, decay). He names all that is necessary; nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and these he says he can make . . .

“He says she cannot continue without him. He says she must have what he gives her. He says also that he protects her from predators. That he gives her dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, dieldrin, chlorinated naphthalene’s, chlordan, parathion, Malathion, selenium, pentachlorophenol, arsenic, sodium arsenite, amitrole. That he has rid her of pests, he says.

“And he has devised ways to separate himself from her. He sends machines to do his labor. His working has become as effortless as hers. He accomplishes days of labor with a small motion of his hand. His efforts are more astonishing than hers. No longer praying, no longer imploring, he pronounces words from a distance and his orders are carried out. Even with his back turned to her she yields to him.

“And in his mind he imagines that he can conceive without her. In his mind he develops the means to supplant her miracles with his own. In his mind he no longer relies on her. What he possesses, he says, is his to use and to abandon.” (End of Griffin passage).

Here are more quotes about men’s use of women as Nature.

“Virgin land, the westerner thinks, needs to be taken over and cultivated, it needs to be made productive for humankind.”— “An Unnatural Order” by Jim Mason

“A woman must never be free of subjugation” — Hindu code of Manu V.

“ Putting virgin soil under cultivation initiates a breakdown of what may be called the ‘body’ of the soil.”— William A. Albrecht from “Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth.”

“Your women are fields to cultivate so go to your fields as you will” — Koran 2:223

The word “virgin” is used to describe both women and untilled or unsettled land (virgin territory). The Earth is also referred to as female (Mother Earth, Mother Nature). The word “rape” refers both to the destruction of the Natural World (rape of the environment) and the sexual humiliation of women.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “rape” as “an outrageous violation.”

“The sexuality of women was commodified even before Western civilization,” said Gerda Lerner, author of The Creation of Patriarchy. “Women themselves became a resource, acquired by men, much as the land was acquired by men.”

Under patriarchy, Women and Nature are put in the same category-as base matter for men to dominate and use, as Susan Griffin’s book “Women and Nature” illustrates.

Griffin’s book is a must-read for women to understand men’s ongoing plunder and destruction of the Natural World and their endless and accelerating War on Women.

Wisdom of Marija Gimbutas

“The images and symbols in this volume assert that the parthenogenetic Goddess has been the most persistent feature in the archeological record of the ancient world. In Europe she rules throughout the Paleolithic and neolithic, and in Mediterranean Europe through out most of the Bronze Age. The next stage, that of pastoral and patriarchal warrior gods, who either supplanted or assimilated the patristic pantheons of goddess and gods, represents an intermediary stage before Christianity and the spread of the philosophical rejection of this world. A prejudice against the worldliness developed and with its the rejection of the Goddess and all she stood for.” p. 321 ‘The Language of the Goddess” by Marija Gimbutas

“The Goddess gradually retreated into the depths of the forest or onto mountain tops, or she remains to this day in beliefs and fairy stories. Human alienation from the vital roots of earthly life ensued, the results of which are clear and our contemporary society. But the cycles never stop turning, and now we find the Goddess re-emerging from the forest in mountains, bringing us hope for the future, returning us to our most ancient human roots.“

List of Books from Mary Daly: Required Reading

Wisdom of Great Cosmic Mother

“Her survival story is our own. After thousands of years of life-denying patriarchal cultures/religions that have raped, ravaged, and polluted the earth, She returns. The Earth’s immune system is breaking down and so is ours. Her soil, atmosphere, plant life, trees, and animal worlds are exhausted beyond endurance. All beings are suffering and can take no more. Based in Matricide, the death of all nature, and the utter exploitation of women, the world has now run itself into the ground, and there is no other way but to return to the Mother who gives us life. If we are to survive, we have to attune yet again to the spirit of nature. (GCM)”.

The only way for humans to survive the end is to return to the beginning.(GCM)

pg. 110 from The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth: “Over a period of perhaps one thousand years, up to thirty huge megalithic temple structures were built on these islands (Malta & Gozo), But there are no remains of houses; only the caves show any trace of habitation. The amazing architecture of the temples was far beyond it’s time. Pottery and carvings are found in the ruins, but there is a complete absence of metal, the only tools being rough stone implements and the horns of oxen and goats. Perhaps there was a religious taboo on the use of metal; no weapons were made or used on the islands. (Metallurgy began, in fact, as a sacred technology of the Goddess. Only ceremonial metals were cast at first; there was much taboo around the use of metals and, no doubt, secrecy about smelting methods. Pagan European witches and Native Americans share an ancient belief that metal interferes with magic. These were stone-oriented people, who felt metals blocking and distorting psychic-spiritual energy currents. Witches were not supposed to touch iron. Guy Underwood, a British water-diviner, says his experiences have shown him that placing a metal object on a “blind spring” obliterates, for a short time, all geodetic reactions around it. Water is extremely sensitive to metals, especially heavy metals.”

“Sexism-the Male Monopoly on History & Thought” by Marielouise Janssen-Jurreit.

Translated from German, this is a classic.

Marielouise Janssen-Jurreit documents how the Old Men in power break the child’s bond with their mother (especially the boys’ bond) and replace it with a bond with the State. Contempt for women is taught from birth. The State’s anti choice MANdate both forces and coerces women to keep producing an endless supply of soldiers to keep the Old Men in power.

Here’s a great passage from her book: (page 336)

“There exists a very strong motive for men to control the generative capability of the woman-her fertility-and her relationship to the next generation. If children and young people were to exhibit an attitude of solidarity toward the mothers only or were to prefer them, the position of the old men would be in constant danger.

“From this social weakness and uncertainty of position on the part of the old men stem the strongest motives-to reinforce their position and authority toward the children.

“The most important prerequisite for the development of patriarchal institutions in a society consists in the disintegration of the mutual solidarity of mother and child.

“If men want to win allies in the following generations, they must develop a sex-specific solidarity structure. The control of women requires the suspension of the natural close relations between the mother and the male child. The boys, in other words, must be convinced above all of the insignificance of motherhood.

“On entering puberty or even earlier, boys are subjected to initiation rites and drastic socialization measures.

Among the Baruya of New Guinea, the alienation of the boy from the mother is a process that lasts over ten years, until his initiation is completed. Not until after this time, when he is already married and has children, is he allowed to speak with his mother again and to eat in front of her. In the initiation of an Indian Brahman son, a last meal together by mother and son was a part of the rite before he became an initiate at about age eight.

“The old men shape the identity of the boys by a system of communication and meaning from which they exclude the women. Many of their ceremonies are associated with acts of terror against women and smaller children.

“The membership in the men’s associations, secret societies or military organization is dependent upon the initiations.”

So there it is! Janssen-Jurreit concludes that for male supremacist patriarchy to continue, generation after generation, children, especially BOYS must be taught from infancy to have CONTEMPT FOR WOMEN and be emotionally separated from their mothers!

Why do we need “Women’s Studies” programs?

Models by Mary Mackey

Imagine yourself in a world where almost all the books you ever read are written by women. In these books, the main characters are women–strong women who have adventures, look for the meaning of life, think about their own inner souls and the destiny of womankind.

Men, in contrast, are pale little creatures who serve as a kind of fictional wallpaper for the women.

Imagine also, that all the art you see has been painted by women; that as you stroll through a museum on a Sunday afternoon, you see only pictures of naked men hanging on the wall, their bodies reduced to objects of aesthetic contemplation.

Imagine, in addition, that when you listen to music, you are listening to the work of women composers, that the pieces are played by women, directed by women.

Next Monday, when you go back to school, you open your anthology of English literature and see that out of several hundred writers, only ten or so are male. Your professors (almost all women) tell you that this is because men have never produced any work of value, that they are only capable of using their emotions, not their minds.

If you had grown up in this world, you would have felt your own superiority very early. You would have had no trouble imagining what you were going to do when you grew up. Why, you could be like the characters you had read about and seen–strong women who were able to get things done. You would have had thousands of models to choose from!

But how can a young woman imagine herself growing up to be Robin Hood, or Stephen Dedallus, or Hamlet? And who in her right mind wants to be Maid Marion, or Little Dorrit, or Ophelia—the bland, the simpering, and the dead? Remember how much fun it was to read Jane Eyre until Jane gave up her career to get married? Remember how Jane Austen’s characters spend most of their time trying to trap a suitable man?

And suppose a woman wants to write. Who is she going to learn from? Who is she going to imitate? Dante? Dickens? Henry Miller? A male writer’s muse is supposed to be a lovely female creature dressed in white who creeps up in the middle of the night and whispers things in his ear.

Who is a woman’s muse? A delicate young man tripping over a white nightgown? Ridiculous!

Women need models to grow up on. When they write, they need to find their own muses, their own symbols, their own style. Every woman who teaches should keep a list of possible models for to herself and to offer her students.

A few of my own favorites are: Emily Dickinson, George Eliot, Kate Chopin, Doris Lessing, Mary Shelley, and Emma Goldman.

Models in our society are women who haunt magazines and fashion shows, showing other women how to dress, how to stand, how to become perfect glossy objects
Now we need new kinds of models. Models for our minds.

Wisdom of Desideria (J. Renee Anthony)

Every time a female brings forth a human being from her womb she risks her life so that we might all live. The natural born female is the Cosmic Gateway in which we are all reincarnated/incarnated and without her, there is no life. What good is a seed without an earth in which it can grow? The sun and the water envelop us like a mothers womb warms us and nourishes us. When we are scared at night, we curl up under our covers in the fetal position where we remember the safety of our mothers womb. When the greatest of men faced death and the most fierce warriors were laid low, it is their mothers they cried out for. Even the mightiest of men were held in the palm of their mothers hand. May we begin to remember who we are and return to the Temple of Nature and the Maternal Roots of the Gift Economy.

Wisdom of Andrea Dworkin

The struggle of women, the feminist struggle, is not a struggle for more money per hour, or for equal rights under male law, or for more women legislators who will operate within the confines of male law. These are all emergency measures, designed to save women’s lives, as many as possible, now, today. But these reforms will not stem the tide of gynocide; these reforms will not end the relentless violence perpetrated by the gender class men against the gender class women. These reforms will not stop the increasing rape epidemic in this country, or the wife-beating epidemic in England. They will not stop the sterilizations of black and poor white women who are the victims of male doctors who hate female carnality. These reforms will not empty mental institutions of women put into them by male relatives who hate them for rebelling against the limits of the female role, or against the conditions of female servitude. They will not empty prisons filled with women who, in order to survive, whored; or who, after being raped, killed the rapist; or who, while being beaten, killed the man who was killing them. These reforms will not stop men from living off exploited female domestic labor, nor will these reforms stop men from reinforcing male identity by psychologically victimizing women in so-called “love” relationships. And no personal accommodation within the system of patriarchy will stop this relentless gynocide. Under patriarchy, no woman is safe to live her life, or to love, or to mother children. Under patriarchy, every woman is a victim, past, present, and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s daughter is a victim, past, present, and future. Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her potential betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman. Before we can live and love, we will have to hone ourselves into a revolutionary sisterhood. That means that we must stop supporting the men who oppress us; that we must refuse to feed and clothe and clean up after them; that we must refuse to let them take their sustenance from our lives. That means that we will have to divest ourselves of the identity we have been trained to as females—that we will have to divest ourselves of all traces of the masochism we have been told is synonymous with being female. That means that we will have to attack and destroy every institution, law, philosophy, religion, custom, and habit of this patriarchy—this patriarchy that feeds on our “dirty” blood, that is built on our “trivial” labor. Halloween is the appropriate time to commit ourselves to this revolutionary sisterhood. On this night we remember our dead. On this night we remember together that nine million women were killed because men said that they were carnal, malicious, and wicked. On this night we know that they live now through us. Let us together rename this night Witches’ Eve. Let us together make it a time of mourning: for all women who are victims of gynocide, dead, in jail, in mental institutions, raped, sterilized against their wills, brutalized. And let us on this night consecrate our lives to developing the revolutionary sisterhood—the political strategies, the feminist actions— which will stop for all time the devastating violence against us. pg 19-21. Andrea Dworkin RIP

Wisdom of Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony, who said: “So while I do not pray for anybody or any party to commit outrages, still I do pray, and that earnestly and constantly, for some terrific shock to startle the women of this nation into a self-respect which will compel them to see the abject degradation of their present position…..The fact is, women are in chains, and their servitude is all the more debasing because they do not realize it. O, to compel them to see and feel, and to give them the courage and conscience to speak and act for their own freedom, though they face the scorn and contempt of all the world for doing it!””~Webster’s First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language by Mary Daly in cahoots with Jane Caputi (pg. 139).