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The Erasure of Women (Part 1): I’m Not Just One of the Guys-I’m a Gaia!

Greetings Guys & Gaia’s!

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The spinning process requires seeking out the sources of the ghostly gases that have seeped into the deep chambers of our minds. “The way back to reality is to destroy our perceptions of it,” said Bergson. Yes, but these deceptive perceptions were/are implanted through language—the all-pervasive language of myth, conveyed overtly and subliminally through religion, “great art,” literature, the dogmas of professionalism, the media, grammar. Indeed, deception is embedded in the very texture of the words we use, and here is where our exorcism can begin.

~Mary Daly

Are you an “adult human female”? Do you believe someone can be “born in the wrong body”? Do you believe male crossdressers or transgenders can be women too? What if I told you that these males are imposters and everyone you know is in a State of Possession- including feminist women, and that language is where our HeXorcism should begin? Are you truly ready to begin this Otherworldly Journey of Exorcism & Ecstasy or will you fade into The Foreground of Patriarchy and perpetuate the Erasure or Women? This may seem farfetched, but I assure you it is not. I challenge you to have the courage to read to the end of this article.

But before going any further, it’s important that we are of the same understanding that gender is not synonymous with biological sex. There are only two sexes and that is the male and Female Sex- guys and Gaia’s! This is not heterosexual talk, but a simple fact! The Female Sex (“Woman”) is not “just one of the guys” and there is no such thing as “born in the wrong body“. When we call everyone “guys” as a generic term like calling God “he”, it assigns the male sex to all women, making everyone male by default and females guilty by forced association (See Word Waves later in this article).

In case you’re wondering why I capitalized “Female Sex” and not “male” or “guys”- it’s because we are XX and XY. That’s 3-X’s to his 1-Y. We are more from our Mothers than we are of our “fathers”. Think of it now as XX and Xy (lowercase “y”). This is an example of Reversing the Reversals and taking back The Power of Naming!

Taking Heart

Take Heart in reclaiming Female Courage as the core of Women’s movement; the Courageous acting that reunites passion and intellect in the process of Realizing female powers.

“I have spoken of “the sisterhood of man” the result has been a sense of contradiction and a jarring of images. “Intellectually” everyone “knows” that “man” is a generic term. However, in view of the fact that we live in a world in which full humanity is attributed only to males, and in view of the significant fact that “man” also means male, the term does not come through as truly generic. For this reason many feminists would like to erase the specious generic term “man” from the language, and rightly so.”

Mary Daly, Beyond God The Father

Here are two sparking examples perpetuated by the Master of Mister Cleans and Masters of Male Morality:

  1. The Misbegotten State- state of illegitimacy and powerlessness inflicted upon women in fatherland: condition of women who have been reborn/deformed according to male-made models and patterns; state of twice-born Athenas, the patriarchally begotten freaks of man: condition transcended by Metapatriarchal Journeyers.
    • Cockaludicrous Comment: As regards to the individual nature, woman is defective and misbegotten, for the active force in the male seed tends to the production of a perfect likeness in the masculine sex; while the production of woman comes from defect in the active force or from some material indisposition, or even from some external influence; such as that of a south wind which is moist, as the Philosopher [Aristotle] observes. ~Thomas Aquinas
  2. Gospel of Thomas (saying 1:14)- Coptic/Gnostic Text
    • Simon Peter said to Jesus “Let Mary leave us for women are not worthy of life. Jesus said “I, myself shall lead her, in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom”. (See video below)
Original Source: (Timestamp 11:08-11:44)

It is an essential task of feminist metaethics to examine and analyze this language, untangling the snarls of sentence structure, unveiling deceptive words, exposing the bag of semantic tricks intended to entrap women.

To exist humanly is to name the self, the world, and God. The evolving spiritual consciousness of women is nothing less than this beginning to speak humanly—a reclaiming of the right to name. The liberation of language is rooted in the liberation of ourselves.

Pyro-Wording: Word Waves 1 & 2

(The Magic Wand of Word Witches)

In patriarchy it’s considered lame to Name and place the blame on men because “we’re all the same” they say- play the game and shame those who you can’t tame. Word Waves by Desideria (The Magic Wand of a Word Witch)

Word Wave 1:

The MASKulinity of the HEnglish Language

woe-man/woe-men; womb-man
wOMEN (Omen backwards is “Nemo”)
*Think “Finding Nemo” which really means “Finding Mnemosyne” Memory/Mammary; Memory/Mnemory/Mnemosyne/Mnemo-Sign
Demonic is to forget, Mnemonic is to Re-member

Just keep Spinning, Just keep Spinning. . . . . . .

S/he– Her/herr (err/error) *err on the side of caution

Herr God, Herr Lucifer, Beware
Beware. Out of the ash
I rise with mv red hair And I eat men like air.

—Sylvia Plath””

Devil/Devi (Devi Hindu Goddess)
Evil Eve/Eve-ill (Adam & Eve Story)

Pussy/Cat (fight like cats and dogs/men vs women)
Mother F***er/Son of a Bitch
terrible/Terra-ble; horrible/whore-able; wicked/wicca
(There are many more of these examples)

Just One of The Guys: Spooking from the Locker Room

Although some women on some occasions have the “privilege” of being directly addressed by such names as cunt or pussy, most of the time this language is used in all-male environments. Yet it is the common male view of all women and, although most women do not hear it directly, we receive the message in a muted way. It is conveyed through silences, sneers, jeers, excessive politeness, paternalistic praise and disapproval, aggressive physical contact (an arm around the shoulder, a pat on the behind), invasive stares. Since women often do not hear the messages of obscenity directly, we are spooked. For the invasive presence and the intent are both audible and inaudible, visible and invisible. Moreover, women are conditioned to pretend not to hear/see the constant and violent bombardments of obscenity , for we have been taught the lesson that since verbal violence is a “substitute” for physical assault, we should be grateful for such seemingly mild manifestations of misogynism. Thus, spooking from the locker room, the unacknowledged noise of omnipresent male obscenities, constitutes the “background music” which continually confuses and fragments consciousness. Exorcising this invasive presence requires acknowledging its existence and refusing to shuffle. This has the effect of bringing the spookers out into the open. Exorcism requires naming this environment of spirit/mind rape, refusing to be receptacles for semantic semen. As we become experienced in detecting the patterns of this apparently passive aggression, we become aware of its more sophisticated forms. (Gyn/Ecology~ Mary Daly)

The method of liberation, then, involves a castrating of language and images that reflect and perpetuate the structures of a sexist world. It castrates precisely in the sense of cutting away the phallocentric value system imposed by patriarchy, in its subtle as well as in its more manifest expressions. As aliens in a man’s world who are now rising up to name—that is, to create—our own world, women are beginning to recognize that the value system that has been thrust upon us by the various cultural institutions of patriarchy has amounted to a kind of gang rape of minds as well as of bodies.

~Mary Daly

Reverse the Reversal: Greater is She that is in Me, than he that is in the world. ~Desideria

Word Wave 2:

If god is male, then male is god. (The Guise of Guys)

His/”He is” a real perSon because “He is” a homosapien.

There is no compariSon. Individual/In-divide-dual (See Guide to Healing the Divided Self)
“Homo” is singular like “Mono” meaning “same” or “of the same kind”- Man-kind. “Homosapien” means wise men.

The point is not to legitimate the use of “man” for the human species, but to point to the necessity of the death of this false word, its elimination from our language.

~Mary Daly

Wise Men of man(y)/men(y) colors.
homosapien hue-man perSon
The Guise of Guys– an external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.
Godfather, Son & Company- the unholy trinity

“For women to imagine and honor a female deity is a sign of mental health. How sane can we be if we honor God as a tall white male-who we are relatively short, mortal, female, and of many colors. I imagine if women understood that Mary is not a virgin (in the Christian sense) and that she has a daughter, not a son. A self created God who has no mother is a totally unsupportable concept”. To deny motherhood is to deny women, and there are two kinds of people; mothers and their children.

The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries by Z Budapest.

“Targeting women also gives a false sense of power and of activating against our perceived powerlessness. Sonia Johnson said that we get highs from it. Ultimately, doing so is the response of the colonized, we’re still colonized by men’s reversals and woman-hatred because we got the enemy completely wrong. Radical action is to stop blaming women.”

Mary Daly

“Under the conditions of patriarchy, women dis-cover our Original Race through the release of deep ontological Fury. By Fury I do not mean an agitated state of chronic or acute anger that immobilizes, or that misfires at the wrong target. Rather, I mean a focused gynergetic will to break through the obstacles that block flow of Female Force. Female Fury is Volcanic Dragonfire. It is Elemental breathing of those who love the Earth and her kind, who Rage against the erasure of our kind. It is the Rage of those who choose this, our own Race of Elemental be-ing over all man-made, male-designed divisions and categories, Naming our Selves and all truly life-loving creatures as priority, refusing to be e-raced, to be severed from our deep roots- refusing the effacement of our Race. Lusty women experience great diversity and know that we belong to many tribes. Dis-covering radical female-identified diversity, we decline confinement in man-made racetracks.”

(Pure Lust by Mary Daly, pg. 5)

2021 New Year Challenge: I challenge you to pay closer attention in 2021 to the words that everyone around you speaks. How many times do you think you are going to hear someone call you or other women “guys” when there are no actual guys around? How many times do you think you call women “guys”? I know I’ve been guilty of it, but in the last couple years I have made a good effort to not continue speaking the phallocratic language because it is the language of anti-life, which is woman-hating at its core. I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Liberate language from its old context: a breakthrough to new semantic fields.

It would be a mistake to imagine that the new speech of women can be equated simply with women speaking men’s words. What is happening is that women are really hearing ourselves and each other, and out of this supportive hearing emerge new words. This is not to say necessarily that an entirely different set of words is coming into being full blown in a material sense—that is, different sounds or combinations of letters on paper. Rather, words which, materially speaking, are identical with the old become new in a semantic context that arises from qualitatively new experience. The word exodus as applied to the community of women that is now emerging exemplifies this phenomenon. The word’s meaning is stripped of its patriarchal, biblical context, while at the same time speaking to and beyond that context. So also the word sisterhood no longer means a subordinate mini-brotherhood, but an authentic bonding of women on a wide scale for our own liberation. Moreover, this liberation of language from its old context implies a breakthrough to new semantic fields. The new context has its source and its verification in the rising consciousness women have of ourselves and of our situation. Since this consciousness contradicts the established Problem, Purpose, and Method, a sense of reality which is reflected in the prevailing social and linguistic structures, its verbal expressions sometimes involve apparent contradictions. The words of women’s becoming function in such a way that they raise questions and problems and at the same time give clues to the resolution of those problems.

Instead of calling everyone “guys’, we should say “guys & Gaia’s” which is the same as saying XX and Xy or Xx and Xy. The letter “X” is the source of all our power. After all it is packed in our Mitochondria/mtDNA; a Woman’s Matriname is “in the blood”. Men’s surnames pass away, but X lives forever.

If you are passionate about Women’s Liberation then join me in the Liberation of Language! Here are some other alternatives- huema or anthropos instead of “human”, fema instead of “female”, woma instead of “woman”, perso instead of person, makind instead of “mankind”, chi instead of “she”.

X-Factor: the Spring of be-ing; the unpredictable, unpossessable Nature of the Wild, which forever escapes the technocrats, medical and scientific re-searchers, “developers” and other demonic destroyers of living creatures.

X-ing: the Qualitative Leaping of Contrary-Wise Crones who are experiencing Syn-Crone-icities and Other “inexplicable” phenomena.

The source of the energy is women’s participation in power of being as we hear and speak forth our own new word. It is not yet time for “dialogue” with those who have stolen the power of speech and made all language a system of false words, having made the part stand for the whole. Rather, it is a time for men to learn at last to listen and to hear, knowing that this is how to find their own promise, and to discover at last the way to adequate speech. Perhaps very few men will want to listen, but those who do not will have chosen their own nonbe-ing. As a well-known prophet once said: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

~Mary Daly

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