The Fireground

Women as Volcanoes

Fireground vs Foreground:

All women under patriarchy, understood as containing deep Memories and Passions which always have the potential to rise explosively to the surface, making possible Self-Realization and Macromutational leaps of consciousness.

“So what we have in effect, each of us, is miles and miles of underground corridors full of filing cabinets which we busily file away mountains of data every day. Somewhere in these endless subterranean storage cabinets, women have a unique file entitled “What it means to be female in a male world”. . . . The miraculous part of an epiphany is that when the file bursts, and all the file data flood into the conscious mind, they are perfectly organized; they present one with conclusions. I knew instantly what the women’s movement was all about; I knew it in my very bones. ~ Sonia Johnson

Mountain Moving Day · The Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band
Papa, Don’t Lay That Shit On Me. ℗ 2005 Rounder Records., Distributed by Concord.

Real liberation is not merely unrestricted genital activity (“the sexual revolution”), but free and defiant thinking, willing, imagining, speaking, creating, acting. It is be-ing. (Mary Daly)

What is The Boundary?

It is the location of New Time/Space; Time and Space created by women Surviving Spinning on the Boundaries of patriarchal institutions; dimensions of be-ing experienced by Labrys-wielding Amazons who choose not only to combat the phallocratic order but also to WRENCH back our Archaic Heritage and Journey into the Background. (Combat-Exorcism. See The Fireground)

See Daughter-Right (The Background- Level 3)

Boundary Living: Realizing Power of Presence on the Boundaries of patriarchal institutions; Presentiating the Background in the midst of foreground conditions by communicating contagious Courage, Pride, and Other Volcanic Virtues.

What is The Fireground?

The purifying Realm of Fire through which all Otherworld Journeyers must pass: Pyrospheres.

Words are sWords of Truth. Tongues of Fire. Women of Eternal Flame. Fire-Starters, Sparkers, Hearth Women, Rising Pheonix, Salamander, Scorpion, Gifts of The Spirit. Elixir of Words. Word Witch.

First Eureka!, then the Volcanic Explosion, Then the Fire-Works ignited by the Fires of Female Fury.

Fire-Works are the Daring Deeds of Dragonish Women; works that set fire to the old hypocrisies, the old rules, the old schools, the old masters, the old boys’ toys; Acts that light/ignite the Fires of Female Fury.

A Furies “Fall” Celebration (Add to Hearth & Home)-

Take this guinea and with it burn the college to the ground. Set fire to the old hypocrisies. . . . .And let the daughters of educated men dance round the fire and heap armful upon armful of dead leaves upon the flames. And let their mother lean from the upper windows and cry, “Let it blaze! Let it blaze! For what we have done with this “education”! ~ Virginia Woolf

A Fumerist Comment: Let it blaze doesn’t mean burn your bra!

(A Fumerist Fan’s the Flames of Furies through The Virtue of Laughing Out Loud)

What is The Network?

The Gyn/Ecological context: tapestry of connections woven and re-woven by Spinsters and Websters; the Net which breaks the fall of Journeyers experiencing the Earthquake Phenomenon.

Note: I have created “The Network” for you during this Earthquake Phenomenon that I call “Eureka!”. The Network consists of Guidance & Support in Community, Communication & Creation (Levels 1-3 of the Guide to Healing the Divided Self). Your New Network helps break your fall (rise from patriarchy like a Phoenix- The True Fall of Man) and therefore, “the fall” of other Journeyers is made easier. May our collective “fall” be “The Fall” of patriarchy. (See examples of Reversing the Reversals below).

What is the Earthquake Phenomenon?
(before the Volcanic Eruption)

Also called “Eureka! I was Bound, But Now I’m Free”.

Sing A-mazing Grace by Grace by Diana Beguine

A-mazing Grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a Witch like me
I once was lost
My Self I found
Was bound
But now I’m free.

The experience of cosmic shakiness, trembling, and dislocation, during which time Gyn/Ecologists share with our sister the Earth the agony of phallocratic attacks. Ordeal experienced by Crones engaged in the Otherworld Journey beyond patriarchy, which involves confronting one’s Aloneness as the ground splits open, and Spanning the chasm by Acts of Surviving, Spinning, and Weaving Cosmic Connections.

This “Experience” causes Volcanic “Disruptions” in The Foreground of Fatherland leading to Volcanic Dis-coverings, Volcanic Wisdom, and Volcanic Virtue. (Women as Volcanoes)

What are Volcanic Dis-Coverings, Wisdom, Virtues?

Volcanic Dis-Coverings are eruptions of E-Motional Memory that Activize Archaic insights, enabling women to Act in Other-dimensional ways.

Volcanic Wisdom is Pyrosophical habit enabling Furies to hold back and to release the molten rock, the steam and ashes of our Passion for the right moments of be-ing.

Volcanic Virtues/Vices are Fiery, Impassioned Virtues exploding out of the deeply buried cauldrons of women’s experience; Virtues born in flames, which empower Virgins/Viragos to break the Terrible Taboo, depart from Stag-nation, and continue the Wonderlusting Voyage. (See biophilic Bonding; Courage, Ontological; Fey Faith; Hopping Hope; Nemesis, Prudish Prudence; Pure Lust; Pyrosophical Temperance; Creative Caution; Disgust, Virtue of; Laughing Out Loud, Virtue of; Shrewish Shrewdness.

E-Motions & E-Motional Memory

Elemental Passion which moves women out/away from the fixed/framed State of Stagnation; Pyrogenetic Passion that fires deep knowing and willing, stirring Metamemory, propelling Wild Women on the Otherworld Journey.

E-motional Memory is Elemental Memory, stirring deep Passion, generating Movement out of the Fixed State.

“I feel that strong emotion must leave its trace; and it is only a question of discovering how we can get ourselves again attached to it, so that we shall be able to live our lives through from the start.” ~Virginia Woolf

What is Reversing the Reversals?

It is a complex process of breaking through the looking glass into Otherworld (Our world)-Antiworld, where we can learn to see with our own eyes.

In order to reverse the reversals completely we must deal with the fact that patriarchal myths contain stolen mythic powers (I call this “The Fragmented (or man-ufractured) Pieces of Herstory and of Women’s Mysteries). They are something like distorting lenses through which we can see into the Background. But it is necessary to break their codes in order to use them as viewers; that is, we must see their lie in order to see their truth. We can correctly perceive patriarchal myths as reversals and as pale derivatives of more ancient, more translucent myth from gynocentric civilization.

We can also move our Selves from a merely chronological analysis to a Crone-logical analysis. This frees feminist thought from the compulsion to “prove” at every step that each phallic myth and symbol had a precedent in gynocentric myth, which chronologically antedated it. The point is that while such historical study is extremely useful, we can, whenever necessary, rely upon our Crones’ clarifying logic to see through the distortions into the Background that is always present in our moving Self-centering time/space. As the women said in Les Guérillères: “Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent.”
The first definition given in Merriam-Webster for invent is “to search out or come upon: FIND, DISCOVER.” Only after this do we come to such definitions as “to think up” and “to create.” Women can discover and create our myths in the process of a-mazing tales that are phallic.

Example of Reversing the Reversals: The Fall vs “the fall”

Root of Reversal“the fall” (must be lower-case): one of patriarchy’s Biggest Lies; the biblical story of “original sin” of Adam and Eve, which projects all guilt upon the woman, enshrining the myth of feminine evil as revealed by god. (I call this “The Eve Complex” of false guilt, false equivalents, and imposed ignorance- manufactured memories).

Reversing the ReversalsThe Fall (must be capitalized): Women’s Movement/Liberation beyond patriarchy’s “good” and “evil”; the dreadful Biophilic Bounding of women from imposed ignorance and false guilt into Wicked Wisdom.

Realize With Your Real Eyes
  1. Real Eyes: The Authentic, Elemental, Wild Capacity to Realize- Denise D. Connors).
  2. Realize: to make real. . . . bring into concrete existence: Accomplish, to bring from potentiality into actuality: Actualize, to conceive vividly as real: be fully aware of”
  3. Real Presence: Female Elemental participation in Powers of Be-ing, which implies Realizing as Present our past and future Selves.
  4. Re-Calling: Persistent/Insistent Calling of the Wild; recurring invitation to Realms of Deep Memory; Active Unforgetting of participation in Be-ing; Re-membering and giving voice to Original powers, intuitions, memories.
  5. Re-considering; to observe the stars; transcending paternally prescribed choices and conclusions; daring to See and to reach for the stars; reclaiming in Prehistoric Questing Power. (See Prehistory)
  6. Re-fusing: Self Realizing by Positively Revolting Hags who, by refusing unreal loyalties, reunite/re-fuse powers (e.g., thinking, feeling, senses) that we have been artificially split/splintered in the State of Severance.
  7. Re-membering: Recalling the Original intuition of integrity; healing the dismembered Self-the Goddess within women; Re-calling the Primordial connections/conversations among women, animals, and Other Elemental beings; Realizing the power to See and to Spell out connections among apparently disparate phenomena; Spinning, Creating
How To Use Your Labrys: The Double Axe of Wild Wisdom (born from Volcanic Wisdom)

“The radical be-ing of women is very much an Otherworld Journey. It is both discovery and creation of a world other than patriarchy. Patriarchy appears to be ‘everywhere.’ Even outer space and the future have been colonized…… Nor does this colonization exist simply ‘outside’ women’s minds, securely fastened into institutions we can physically leave behind. Rather, it is also internalized, festering inside women’s heads, even feminist heads. The Journey, then, involves exorcism of the internalized Godfather in his various manifestations (his name is legion). It involves dangerous encounters with these demons.” ~ Mary Daly (How To Use Your Labrys)

NOTE: As always, to understand the terminology that I am using here, please follow along using your Wickedary by Mary Daly located in the OWLS group files! I’m am always adding information to this website. As a Member, you have full access and can use this website as a teaching guide for your own consciousness raising gatherings. This website provides an interactive, intimate, and intentional Guide that is user friendly for Otherworld Journeyers.